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Climate Social Camp

lun 25 lug



Climate Social Camp

A moment to discuss the problems and the future of the movement, but also to unite and make our voice more powerful: like the oceans we'll rise!

Orario & Sede

25 lug 2022, 00:00 – 29 lug 2022, 00:00

Torino, Torino TO, Italia

Info sull'evento

The Fridays For Future movement was born over three years ago and over time has grown exponentially, in a way and at an unprecedented rate.

For this reason it is essential to create spaces and moments of confrontation among activists of the international movement: discussing problems and opportunities is a way to stay united and make our voice even more powerful.

The Climate Social Camp is one of these moments: a week of meetings, working groups and activities to discuss the future of mobilization, focusing on its decolonization and the climate challenges that many around the world, specifically Fridays For Future MAPA, are already living on their skin.

The Climate Social Camp will be a moment of confrontation between activists but not only: it will be a week of sharing, activities, music, concerts and much more, to live together the spirit of community and closeness that animates our battle.


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